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CAMP - Preparatory Meeting


The Cybersecurity Alliance for Mutual Progress (CAMP) is initiated by the Korean government with the purposes of achieving sustainable benefits and serving as a platform where members prepare themselves with collective actions to keep cyberspace safe.
Preparatory Meeting
In this regard, a preparatory meeting was held on July 8, 2015 in Korea to introduce and discuss the role of CAMP in the field of cybersecurity.
CAMP was officially launched on July 11, 2016 in Korea with 40 organizations from 29 countries to serve as a platform for the members to enhance their cybersecurity capacity.
1st Annual Meeting
The members had in-depth discussions on ways to enhance global cooperation and officially adopted a Terms of Reference (TOR). Also, they agreed to create three working groups for better management and improvement of CAMP.

Mission & Vision

CAMP will serve as a network platform to lift up the overall level of cybersecurity of the members. The members will share development experiences and trends of cybersecurity to catalyze mutual growth as well as contribute to development of global cybersecurity for large.
A slogan of CAMP that goes "CAMP lights up a safer tomorrow!" well represents its vision to take the lead in creating a safe and reliable cyber world as a light that shines a future of cybersecurity.

Slogan - CAMP lights up a safer tomorrow!
CAMP - Inauguration Annual Meeting


CAMP Logo - Cybersecurity Alliance for Mutual Progress

The logo of CAMP signifies "Safe Internet and a Brighter Future."

The letters come in blue and green represent commitment of CAMP to further promote Internet and cybersecurity. A globe in a cross-shaped symbolizes cooperation among the member nations in cyberspace, and the handshake on the letter M shows a mutual partnership wishing for a better future.