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Global Network

Building a global human network
to create an interactive international community

A global network of cybersecurity is the key pillar to promote growth, innovation, well-being, human rights, and prosperity for all in the online environment and digital economy for large. In addition, international cooperation is crucial to enhance effectiveness in cybersecurity considering ubiquitous nature of the Internet.

The members will share any activities or initiatives that they have during the annual summit. CAMP will provide a highly recognized platform that is flexible and effective for better communications.

Information Sharing

Sharing information on cybersecurity issues
to track the latest cybersecurity trends and strategic national policies

CAMP members should be able to have useful information to increase effectiveness of cybersecurity by utilizing the global network to its fullest extent. Furthermore, members can share information regarding cyber security issues through local workshops, seminars, invitations to training programs and online communications. All this will lead to active interactions founded on trust regardless of time and distance.

Each member will obtain necessary cybersecurity information, such as cyber threats and response protocol, privacy and personal data protection, spam prevention, digital identity, key public infrastructure, and IoT security.

Collective Response

Responding in a collective manner on cyber issues
to enhance political leveraging power at global stage

CAMP members will be equipped with needed abilities to cooperate with various working groups in the alliance to facilitate discussions and come up with solutions regarding specific cybersecurity issues. Also, they will be able to collectively respond to any issues related to cybersecurity by fully leveraging the global network of CAMP, shared information, and working group management.

In this vein, CAMP members will have opportunities to boost their capabilities to fight against cyber threats while maintaining a higher national readiness for any kinds of cyber risks. CAMP will act as a global platform to coordinate cybersecurity needs and provide support.